Survey results

50 people were kind enough to fill out our survey from last week and here are the results.

1. Are you male or female?

Male          94.0%  (47)
Female        6.0%  (3)

No real surprises there.  The  female participants were the first to fill out our survey.

2. What is your age range?

15 or under      0.0%    (0)
16 to 30           18.0%  (9)
31 to 50           70.0%  (35)
50 or over        12.0%  (6)

Most of you are fully grown men who like to play with 1″ figures. Always nice to know we’re not alone 🙂

3. Where do you live?

In the UK                                             47.9%  (23)
In Europe, outside the UK                   10.4%  (5)
In Asia                                                 0.0%    (0)
In Australia                                          6.3%    (3)
In North America                                35.4%  (17)

Skipped question: 2

Other countries included New Zealand and Argentina.

4. In the gaming world, what do you consider yourself to be?

A model maker           44.0%  (22)
A gamer                      66.0%  (33)
A developer                12.0%  (6)
A hobbyist                   78.0%  (39)
A professional             8.0%    (4)
Prefer not to say         2.0%    (1)

5. If we expanded our range what would you like to see?

SF exteriors                                        78.0%  (39)
Space ship interiors                            86.0%  (43)
Fantasy                                               30.0%  (15)
Gothic                                                 30.0%  (15)
Steampunk                                         48.0%  (24)
Art deco                                              28.0%  (14)
More downloadable content               32.0%  (16)
Physical products                               38.0%  (19)

More sci-fi space-shippy stuff is what you want. You also have a healthy interest in other genres with suggestions that included horror, fantasy, western, alternative skins for the pods and 15mm scenery.

6. What games system are you planning on using with our current product line?

Warhammer 40K        62.5% (25)
Infinity                         35.0% (14)
Mercs                          12.5% (5)
War Path                     20.0% (8)
Star Wars minis          25.0% (10)

The majority of you want to use our pods for future war systems such as Firefight 2.0, Frag, Star Grunt, Kryomek, Tomorrow’s war, Dark Heresey, Sedition Wars, Warmachine, Dark Potential, Necromunda and Traveller as well as the usual suspects, Warhammer 40K, Infinity, Mercs, War Path and Star Wars. You also intend to use our pods for some completely different games systems including 7TV, Empire of the Dead, Dungeons and Dragons, Flying Lead, Vortex and Warhammer Fantasy as well as your own home made systems.

7. And finally – where did you hear about us?

Beasts of War                                     28.6%  (12)
Tabletop Gaming News                      19.0%  (8)
Other gaming forum                           14.3%  (6)
Internet search                                    28.6%  (12)
Word of mouth                                    9.5%    (4)

Skipped question: 8

The forums and the internet were where most of you found us but plenty of people met us in person at the Derby World Wargames. Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Groups dragged in a few more punters.

Thanks to all who filled out our survey, this has given us plenty to think about 🙂 

Derby World Wargames 2012

This was our first show as Battle Systems and we weren’t too sure if it was right for us as it was primarily an historic wargames venue and we’re very much sci-fi. However, the response was tremendous and the crowds were very supportive and the organisers helpful and friendly. Opposite us were Mantic Games who were very positive about our display and to our right were Malifaux playing demo games. The vibe was positive and hummed with good natured geekiness. We had a great time.

Battle Systems setup

Our small but perfectly formed setup stirred a lot of interest.

The venue was in a spacious warehouse known as Castle Donington International Exhibition Centre next to the Donington race track (in fact you could hear the cars zooming around outside making it sound like an arcade from my youth) with a footfall of over 4000 (possibly). Nearly half the hall was tournament games and the rest was packed with historic wargaming merchandise, demo displays, historical dress and a fair amount of fantasy and future war stuff.

Overall, it was a good first outing for us, not too large but large enough to get some networking done, talk to a lot of people and make a healthy number of sales. We’ll definitely come back next year and are considering the Birmingham UK Games Expo in May, Hammerhead 2013 in February and of course Salute in April. Feel free to let us know of any other events in 2013.

What? This one over here?

Hello.  Wayne at Battle Systems here.  Our web page  isn’t really setup for extended witterings and our Facebook page is more for quick hit information and Twitter,  well, it’s hard to be verbose in 140 words or less.

Basically, the blog will keep you up to date with what’s happening with us, what new products we’ve got lined up and anything else too big for a tweet 🙂