Second teaser pics!

Three more pics for your delectation. The first shows a simple single level layout, run around blasting each other like lunatics in a surprisingly large area.


Why have one turbine when you can have three?

This pic hints at the multi-level aspect of the new line, three levels? This is madness! But we don’t stop at three, more on that next time.


Where’s the escalator?

Also, next time we talk about the modular aspect of the new line, for example, how are those walls so high? How many of these bits do you get? Does that door open?


Let’s run down this lengthy corridor, lads!

The figures were supplied by the nice people at Mantic Games and painted by Rich at Sabre Miniatures. Thanks, guys!

First prototype teaser pics!

The prototype for our new line is complete and here’s the first sneak preview. It will be a 100% physical set and will come as pre-punched satin or glossy card printed on both sides. All you need to do is pop out and assemble, no glue, scissors or modelling skills required.

Battle Systems prototype

Turbines, terminals, containers, walls, doors, gantries, we have them all 🙂

All figures were kindly supplied by Mantic Games and illustrate how the new line is ideal for games such as Pandora, Warhammer 40k, Infinity, Space Hulk, Necromunda, etc.

Battle Systems prototype

Charge down those stairs! Use those consoles as cover!

Remember, this is a Kickstarter project in the making so if you want to see the new line please spread the word. More photos and details coming soon.

Battle Systems prototype

Charge along the gantries admiring the atmos 🙂

Note: these photos show our working prototype so the final product may differ slightly.