10 comments on “Second teaser pics!

  1. These look great and I can’t wait to learn more about the modularity of the system. Also, I do hope you guys are looking into getting these made of plasticard… the extra durability would be worth the extra cost. But don’t trust me… do a quick surveymonkey survey, or set it up as an option on kickstarter and we can see how everybody else feels about it as well. Keep up the good work! Also, please consider making one of the stretch goals on the kickstarter to be the release of the Photoshop images (with layers) for personal use. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to tinker with custom floors and wall panels. Maybe even a community site to. Post derivative works?

  2. This looks good.. looking forward to the kickstarter and good luck.. I’ll be sure to participate..


  3. Hmmm, 15mm, unlikely I’m afraid. Unless they are visitors on a giant alien races space craft… no? ok them, probably not. As this is a boxed product, there is no scape to scale it down like the DLC range. Sorry, strictly 28mm – 32mm (25mm may work too)

    • We’re negotiating with our manufacturers, we don’t want to give a price yet in case we can’t meet that. We will try to make the set as affordable as possible, we don’t want anyone to miss out just because they’re broke!

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