5 comments on “How the modular system works

  1. Loving the idea. Hope there will be more variety than the internal space ship vibe. Which is cool and I will pick up but I’m also hoping that streets and buildings will be possible too. Which would be more generic and easier to add to folks scenery collections.
    Definitely squirrelling some money away for this

  2. Actually after reading your post again I can see being able to create streets and buildings with whatcha got. Awesome. Hope to see more pics soon

  3. I’d love an urban style too! (the more 40K-esque the better!)
    I agree with the idea proposed in an another post, I’d be glad too to spend something more to have plasticard as a support, rather than card
    One last thing: would it be possible to print on a darker support, to avoid the white side of walls, catwalks, etc… standing out so much? (I mean where the cuts have been made)

    I don’t want to criticise, the opposite I like this project so much that I felt the urge to say my opinion!

    Sorry for the bad english,


  4. Hey all thanks for the feedback,

    It’s great to hear your views especially if it’s recommendations. We keep a note about all suggestions and what people like. No need to say sorry Andrea :o)

    As for the colour of the core of the card, check out Facebook and you will see an example of a lined edged room item. Let me know what you think. Plastic card would be expensive. In fact card is expensive (massively) so one of our focus points is finding the right manufacture to get this at the right cost to launch this product line. Not the most fun part of the job, I prefer the designing and drawing, but very important. All part of the fun. lol

    Thanks again and don’t forget to tell the world abut us.

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