19 comments on “Prototype tweaks

  1. Most claustrophobic space hallway games dont have space to stand in the doorway. I like the sturdier railings however.

  2. I think the new doors will be easier to play with especially if you are using a grid based movement system. With the old ones it was going to cause confusion as to whether you counted the squares you couldn’t stand in.

  3. Colin here,
    The doors indeed are better for gaming now and not only are they wider, but they are moved to the left (or right depending on your point of view) so they line up with a run of squares. Due to the way the bases of each wall section clip together it was not possible to make a wider door, however with some pushing from a design point of view we found a way by making the door itself become part of the clip system. zzzzzzzz, I’m boring myself now so I’ll stop. :o)

  4. the new changes look great! I’m quite eagerly awaiting price point info and kickstarter go live!

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for the feedback. We too are waiting on price point, we have the manufacturers working on the tooling costs now after a few revisions.

      To narrow it down for you it will be more than 1p and less than £1 million. ;o)

      Glad you like the changes, it seems to be most people’s views.

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