3 comments on “Kickstarter funded and still going strong :)

  1. There are lots of items on that list you can get elsewhere that look better in resin or other materials. Stick with the structural stuff. More gantries and railings to go up would be great. Ladders. Elevators. Double high walls would be sweet.

  2. Yeah, I’d like bigger/double sized doors, and maybe the entrance to a down shaft for level changes!, please!,

  3. It looks great, but it looks fresh new. like it was just build. give it a live effects or some sort like

    currently its only damaged clone chamber

    my examples

    Wirings in the wall texture,-Open panels, tools on the ground,
    Damaged or breached walls,(Bullet holes, laser scorches, plasma burned holes)
    damaged or burned blast doors.
    Rusted floor.
    Red alert on consoles.
    Alarm lamps
    damaged cargo blocks
    Weapon racks or ammo crates
    radiation pools, oil or fuel marks on floor tiles

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