9 comments on “First sneak peek of the Fantasy terrain

  1. I literally tried to get into that Fantasy kickstarter just now 😀 Keep us informed, i need it ❤

  2. Very nice… but will this be a ‘mat’ style floor like the sci-fi stuff or will the floor be attached to the walls to make more interesting and sprawling dungeons?

  3. I’m not sure I like the angled bottoms on the walls for a dungeon. I understand the need for the design, but I don’t think it works as well for dungeon stone as it did for SciFi walls.

  4. Having built several types of fantasy terrain I have found that sloping walls are the most effective since most fantasy figures overhang their bases on one or more sides and the slope accommodates this very well. This does look very good and I will certainly be signing up again when it happens!

  5. Looking better each time I visit this site! This is going to be good for players of “that wargame” who want to set their battles on more primitive planets.

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