6 comments on “Nearly there :)

  1. If you want to see some examples of what I like about 3D fantasy terrain, take a look at Terraclips. They have different sets for city and dungeons with multiple levels possible in each. Unfortunately, it seems they are being discontinued 😦

  2. I echo the above, If you could do something like the streets and buildings of Malifaux from Terraclips I would be all over it as it would have a lot more uses then a dungeon. Thats the reason why all the streets/buildings of Malifaux have all sold out whilst the sewers of Malifaux have not. I can see me having a rare game in a dungeon, but plenty over a town/city center with walkways, bridges, multiple lvl bbuildings, fighting in the market square, trying to hold out a zombie attack from your local tavern and assassinating the corrupt mayor who thinks he’s safe in the town hall would be amazing!

  3. I would HIGHLY recommend you have a copy of Descent and other dungeon crawl boardgames in available so you can use your 3D sets to replace the 2D tiles. Bam — instant backing by boardgamers who don’t want to paint things. Ideally, you’d have a copy of the D&D Next Starter Kit and Mantic’s Dwaven Kings Hold IV games as well — maybe drop them a line and see if they’re receptive to your coordinating you 3D sets to their game maps and tiles.

    The additional level looks fantastic. I use Dwarven Forge tiles as a “display storage” for my painted miniatures, and a multi-level display would save table space *and* look interesting. fwiw, I prefer the plastic and resin dungeon accessory miniatures from miniature companies over the ones in your set.

    Newsletter subscribed! 🙂

  4. Yes, but remember, the dungeon sets ain’t just for fantasy! I can see these being really good for games of 40K set in Chaos temples, Ork warrens, etc, or even on more primitive planets. just use you imginations and I’m sure you can come up with a use for these.

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