Our Fantasy Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter was funded in 13 minutes! We were literally blown away by a tide of emails which broke our provider! What was more amazing was the number of people who pledged without looking at the page 😮 Many of our backers are happy backers of the Sci-fi terrain and they were keen to get in on the action 🙂

So far we’ve unlocked four stretch goals and are poised to unlock our Mines of Minerva add-on which is proving to be a big hit (or will be when it’s unlocked in less than 5K 🙂


“My father built these mines.” “I heard you the first time, Gimlet.”

But it doesn’t stop there, we have a stack of beautiful add-ons including the Dimension gate sneak peeked in the last post. We just need more backers to unlock the funding so now’s the time to let people know about us – tell your mates, tell your gaming club, tell that bloke on Facebook who you haven’t seen in 20 years but used to play Warhammer with. And of course, don’t forget to tell your gran 🙂

Here’s some exclusive pics of add-on 8, the Dimension Gate 🙂


What’s this? Marines from a different world?


I don’t think they’ve come to establish ‘friendly relations!’


Now it’s skellies from the Dungeon Dimension next door!

Sci-fi backers

For those backers patiently waiting for their sets to arrive (mostly international) virtually all of the sets have been sent out. The bottleneck now is individual customs and local couriers. If you haven’t received your order by the 8th September 2014 please let us know or email Wayland Games direct at


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Sci-fi Kickstarter completed!

We have completed our first Kickstarter from funding to delivery! Most of our backers now have their goodies and are feverishly trimming and assembling as I type. A few more orders are yet to go out (such as Hulk sets and very large or unusual orders particularly to North America and Australia/NZ) and there are a few people who have yet to give us their shipping address! (seriously, chaps, email me). Anyone still waiting, please be patient, we are whipping our goblin slaves as hard as we can!

The inevitable mistakes were kept to a bare minimum, a few orders sent to old addresses, a missing sheet here, a damaged sheet there but on the whole we are very happy with the distribution by Wayland Games and by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our backers. Thanks, guys!

We’d advise everyone to watch the assembly videos on our website and save yourselves some bent cardboard!

Now, do we at Battle Systems Towers get to relax and rest on our laurels? Nope! Because barely do we catch our breath before we commence the…

Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Kickstarter!

We will be launching on the 22nd August 2014 at 20.00 GMT. That’s 8pm in the UK I only mention it because last time some of our more eager backers jumped the gun by 12 hours 🙂


Coming soon!

We’ve learned a LOT since the Sci-fi Kickstarter and so this one will be smoother and leaner with a lot less umming and ahhing 😉

If you guys whip up interest on social media and forums this KS could be even bigger than the last one!

To keep you going here’s an exclusive pic:


What is this? Some sort of… gate?

And here’s the teaser vid we showed on Facebook.

Sci-fi terrain for the masses! 

Finally, after the Fantasy Dungeon Kickstarter is done and dusted we will be selling our surplus Sci-fi terrain direct from our website. We’ve limited numbers and if those sell like hot cakes we’ll consider doing a second press and looking into game store retailing.  We are very busy so don’t expect the web shop to be open until October.


If you want to stay up to date with our latest developments just click here to subscribe to our newsletter or email us at and type ‘news’ into the subject line.