16 comments on “Sci-fi Kickstarter completed!

  1. Hey guys! I got my sci-fi strongholds the other day (I live in Sydney, AUS), and it’s fantastic! I’ve already built a fair chunk of one Stronghold so my 40K RPG players have something to play on that isn’t whiteboard markers on a grid.

    The parts have all gone together like a dream, and I’m eager to get the guys hooked so our Pathfinder games can benefit from the next KS 🙂

  2. You have GOT to print some more of your sci-fi sets and get them onto the market! These are the answer to those of us who don’t want to pay the massively over inflated prices of a certain Nottingham-based company. And as for store-based retail, maybe approach some independent traders, for this? Anyway, good luck guys, you MORE than deserve it!

  3. I am a little disheartened that you guys are delaying selling the surplus product until after the fantasy kickstarter is completed, but i am patient and i will wait. Personally I have no interest in the fantasy terrain, it’s the scifi stuff that I really need. Please keep us updated when the scifi stuff has become available to sell. I missed the scifi kickstarter and have money set aside for it specifically.

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  5. I know that you said you will be selling the sci-fi surplus once the fantasy kickstarter completes but what I’m wondering is, will they be going on general sale at any point in the future? I ask because although I have plenty of terrain to be gaming with it would be nice to think that in the future I may be able to expand my collection if I decide I want some more.

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