31 comments on “New terrain peeks and Terminator Genisys

  1. Awesome to hear things are moving smoothly for you (ina business plan as well as a kickstarter printingy kind of way). Will need to find a new plan for storing three full sets of BS terrain now! 😉

  2. Finally! Terrain for Fear and Faith, and All Things Zombie! (: Do you know any miniature companies so you can add “unarmed civilians” as an add-on or SG to the KS? It’s ridiculously difficult to find *unarmed* and panicky civilian miniatures (and everyday policemen), and you need them for ATZ.

      • I sent a KS PM to the ATZ folks to get in touch with you. (:

        I’d also like to see “before” versions of the same terrain! ATZ happens just as the zombies take over, so some “normal” houses would be useful. For a post-apocalypse RPG, the GM can have the players start with the “normal” houses, go off somewhere, and return to see the same houses in a post-apocalyptic state. That’ll rattle ’em! Also, a few modern-day games, like supeheroes, would use normal houses.

    • Two words my friend. Wargames Factory ;). They do a VERY affordable box set of 30 civilians survivors, males or females, and…..they’re all plastic! 😀 So just convert with a modelling knife and you can have a completely unarmed group of survivors. Now, if you REALLY want that added touch, buy the female zombies they sale too. They have fun things like arms with handbags and the like.

      Apart from that, try going for model train miniatures, I think it’s like HO scale or something, you’d need to confirm that for yourself but I’m sure you can check scales via google, 28mm to the different O scales. I think Wargames Factory will be your cheapest option though, they’re just…..awesome value lol, I can’t rave about them enough. Not the absolute finest quality miniatures, but they actually do better without a base coat of paint, so you even save money on that side of things.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Great stuff! I have been looking for decent post-apoc terrain, and there’s a dearth of it! This will fit the bill very nicely indeed.

  4. Well this is a pleasant surprise. Looks like I’ll be saving up in advance. Are you planning to do any unique type things, like for example that box addition in the first screenshot, but having terrain obstacles like a fire placement or spikes etc. For the roleplaying elements.

  5. This is amazing!

    Absolutely what I’ve been wanting since I backed sci-fi set. Its just a shame that we are going to wait atleast a year to get this! Really need this for zombicide!!!

    One thing guys, I have an brand new kickstarter box of your sci-fi terrain which unfortunately I never ended up using, it also includes plenty of extras and addons, i have a complete list of exact contents somewhere. Unfortunately I doubt I’m ever going to play a sci-fi game usually only into zombie and fantasy games so the sci-fi set is pretty much useless to me, hence why I still haven’t opened it!

    This might be a bit wierd but is there anyway a return can be sorted out? I’m in London UK.
    I would just sell it and I’m sure I would get money back or maybe even a little profit considering how rare they are but all I’m after is to get all money that I paid for it back and anyway I would nhave no idea where to sell something like this 🙂

    Please let me know if you guys recommend something.


      • Oh okay, cool. Its just that I’m not really a fan of ebay and tend to keep away from it atleast for selling stuff.

        I tried to look on boardgamegeek forums, but your product doesnt even seem to be listed nor your company?

  6. Wow, looks good guys! 😀 I’m interested, but…..I’ve been amassing modern terrain for a very long time now, I already have a lot. I’m sure I’ll be backing, but ideally, I’d love to be able to buy specific buildings to suit my needs, I’m not too interested in as much card furniture because I have lots of resin, plastic and metal bits already. I’m hoping that instead of one giant bundle set, you might offer specific buildings and terrain pieces that we can swap and add to our pledge? I know I’ll buy a lot more if I can put together MY city, if you know what I mean?

    The sci-fi terrain was awesome as a bundle, it made a lot of sense to have Stronghold sets and the like, and you really knew best in that regard, it was actually one of the more subtle plus-points of the campaign, you basically advised us as to what we’d need before we bought, which worked really really well, I know I got exactly what I wanted. This feels totally different though. I want to customize and put together the city I want, it’s an extra factor that adds to the experience, like playing Sim City lol :). Hope you take this into consideration, it’ll definitely make the kickstarter a lot more fun and less restrictive if we can have that kind of freedom in our pledges.

    Keep up the good work and I’m really looking forward to an obscure month now haha, August, when were you ever a month I noticed?

    • We’re a small company so we can’t take small orders during the KS because it’s a shipping nightmare. However, we will sell the surplus stock from our webshop after our backers get their stuff so you can grab a load of furniture without having to buy a full set. (Assuming there’s any surplus left).

  7. Do post on the BGG Zombicide forums for some feedback about what terrain they want. I do know some will not want walls. They make moving the miniatures on the board inconvenient. You could have a “foot in the door” pledge of freestanding doors, as well as other 3D bling Zombicide gamers will want to replace their 2D tokens with (eg. rubble, cars, barricades).

    • It’s a good idea but then you end up with 2.5 terrain and not 3D! But we will take all suggestions on board from zombie lovers and modern warfare guys. Basically, if enough people want something they will get it 🙂

      • I don’t actually agree with C, theres already options available for a 2.5d terrain board, i actually need a full 3D board, which i have been searching for a reasonably priced option for some time and have been unable to find anything.

        Hence, please make this full 3D with walls, doors, lots and lots of furniture, street rubbish and items, different size and themed buildings, restaurants, shops, apartments, houses, farmhouse, police station, gas station etc…. All with an indoors section and multiple floors would be ideal!

        Looking at the screenshots you already seem like you are on the right track 😀

        Only one issue i see, that might be a bit troublesome is movement in a game like Zombicide, players/zombies move according to zones (ie. rooms indoors, different street sections outdoors) and i don’t know how this will work with your terrain? Cause usually you only do small square grids on your terrain which i don’t think will work with this type of game?!

        Keep up the excellent work.

      • I don’t mean for you to *not* offer true 3D terrain, but have an option for Z gamers to buy a 2.5D terrain set for their games (eg. doors). I’ve seen plenty of expensive standalone doors (including those offered by CMON), but not any as inexpensive as what Battle Systems can come up with. Strategically, you offer a $30 2.5D set to Z players in order for them to commit themselves to the KS campaign, then they decide upgrade to full $100 3D terrain later. Much better than them balking at a $100 3D terrain set and never looking at your KS again.

      • Price point is always a sticky business. We’re hoping to offer more for less in this KS (more on that in a later blog). Keep those suggestions coming, folks!

  8. Shopping Mall required.
    (Really, really required).
    How about as an add-on, the same as you did with the castle part of the dungeon KS?

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  10. I’ll re-post this onto the Pulp Monsters Forum board. the Apoc terrain will be fantastic for their Supers game Pulp-City. I would want vehicles with 2 options undamaged/damaged. as we can through items around in Pulp-City.

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