2 comments on “SHANTY TOWN!

  1. Okay, okay, okay. Looks amazing. You guys are super talented and have your finger on the pulse.

    Right – here’s the rub – I’m a primarily 15mm guy. Having said that I dove in head first with the Dungeon KS and picked up the Sci Fi box at the same time. Intent: currently kitbashing for 15mm scale too! Now the post apoc city building weren’t gonna work the same way. The shanty town however may well do so.

    Any chance of some bigger images or even a scale comparison shot….? So I can determine if I’m going to give you a further £78?

    PS As I mentioned on the previous KS, I think there will be a (albeit modest) market for some 28mm to 15mm conversion kits for your range. A couple of sheets for doors etc could adapt the system pretty effectively….

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