15 comments on “Sci-Fi II Kickstarter October 21st!

  1. What will the international postage be costing us? its whats held me back from doing all of your previous kickstarters… I really want to get the Galactic pledge but having to spend half of the pledge amount of postage really ruins it for me. [btw I am in New Zealand]

  2. Do you have any links or info with unboxing of your previous products or similar? Basically I’d like to see how this holds up and what the storage poasibilities are like.

  3. Lookin’ really good guys! Will prolly have to jump in on this one too ; ) Top quality and it’s the best at what it does imo so really worth it if you want to make your games come alive.

  4. One more day for the KS! Shipping fees are indeed an issue (I´am from Argentina); but it´s an unique product… any other ¨terrain¨ option is way more expensive (and it lacks the BSys awesomeness and harmony!). Best of Success with the KS!

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