More Juicy Add-ons :)

We’re now on Day twelve of our thirty day Sci-fi II Kickstarter campaign and we’re already up to our eighteenth Stretch Goal, fifteen of which are free to our backers!

We’ve also unlocked more add-ons including the colossal ARRIVAL BAY and the terrain expanding OUTPOSTS!

The Arrival Bay is a huge docking/cargo/landing bay that can be as large or small as you like.


You could probably park your car in there.


Mega struts!


Overlooking the Arrival Bay.


Viewports from the other side.


What you get for your groats.

Check out our Kickstarter update for more pics and details.

The Outposts are a set of three add-ons designed specifically as stand alone buildings. They come in small, medium and large and are completely modular.


Checkpoint Alpha, Station Zeta and Delta Garrison


Delta Garrison fills up a 2ft x 2ft table!


Nice view out, today!


Plenty of room inside…

Here’s a short vid of Delta Garrison, the largest of the Outpost add-ons:

For more details go to this Kickstarter update.

Now, about those free stretch goals. Behold, the orange banner of FREE stuff!


This is probably increasing as you look 🙂

Come join the Kickstarter here:


If you want to stay up to date with our latest developments just click here to subscribe to our (sporadic) newsletter or email us at and type ‘news’ into the subject line.


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