Fantasy Wargames Terrain Preview

Can you believe it’s been almost 5 years since our Fantasy Dungeon Kickstarter? Since then we’ve made our way through the Urban Apocalypse, improved on our original designs with new Sci-fi terrain, and even tackled a miniatures game with Core Space recently launching to rave reviews.

When things finally died down Colin almost ran out of things to draw, and we couldn’t let that happen! We thought it was time to revisit our fantasy range, so last week we revealed this:

2019-05-14 Facebook New KS Tease

Looks pretty awesome, don’t you think? We’re really proud of where we’ve got to with this range so we wanted to share some details.

The next Battle Systems Kickstarter will launch in summer 2019 and will kit out fantasy and historical battlefields of all sizes, from 2×2 / 3×3 skirmish tables to full-on 6×4 wargaming tables. Like our other products it works with all 28-35mm miniature ranges and requires no painting!

It can be used for Kings of War, Frostgrave, Mordheim, Warlords of Erehwon, A Song of Ice and Fire, Age of Sigmar, and many other games.

2019-05-21 Blog Battlefield Preview House

One of many new buildings populating our fantasy village

We will have different pledge options to suit different games, including a village with a selection of houses and a battlefield set with ruins and barricades for cover. There will be roads, walls, towers, and all the usual scatter terrain you’ve come to expect from Battle Systems to bring your table to life.

We’ve got plans for more pledge options down the line too!

2019-05-21 Blog Battlefield Preview 6x4.png

Some of our prototype pieces filling out a 6×4 table

What Do You Want To See?

The design work is still ongoing so we can make this a truly incredible range. We’re bursting with ideas of our own but we want your input too. Let us know in the comments below what fantasy or historical terrain you would like to see in the pledge, and we’ll try our hardest to get all the best ideas in there :-).

More details to follow in the coming weeks. To stay up to date, sign up to our newsletter HERE.

Find out more: Fantasy Wargames Terrain in Detail

28 thoughts on “Fantasy Wargames Terrain Preview

  1. Maybe a lot of ladders, wood bridges for rooftop (mordheim like), ruined buildings, tiny houses, merchant stall, wooden barrels or crates, fences… A lot of small elements to bring up some life into our fantasy worlds 🙂 thanks

  2. Road tiles, allthough I´d like to believe that´s what I’m seeing in the presentation picture. Modular houses., See-thorugh windows (Can be very atmospheric with lights within the houses). Flat roofs, or flat parts on slanted roofs.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Well, with the recent announcement of an Elder Scrolls minis game, I’ll be happy with pretty much anything vaguely Skyrimy!

    Tavern, ye olde world shoppes and some gallows from which I can rescue distressed damsels 🙂

    Will you have this on display at the Games Expo next week?

  4. Docking for small boats, warehouse types buildings, port district swamped houses for sale on less desirable property …. everything else looks great.
    I love the the product , thanks for the awesome update.

  5. i wanted to see an updated Fantasy-Dungeon-Set without the ramps, but if you make this fantasy-city, i wanted to have buildings looking like fantasy-tempels, not like a church, AAND please a grid on the map 🙂 . Walls with towers, may be a palace or a fortress will be nice too.

  6. Color match markers for penning the card stock. It would be nice if I could get the colors with my terrain and not have to cobble them together.

    For re-usable terrain pieces, how about:
    Barracks, Blacksmith forge, Weapons + Armor Shop, Alchemy Shop, Library, Tavern.

  7. Balconies. Building with flat roofs, rooftop walkways for rooftop battles.
    High fantasy magical/elven buildings. An urban/city set. Thank you!

  8. How about enough of a town to recreate the village in the upcoming 5e Essentials Starter Set? (: Tracking down components so I can run a module is the second-least fun part of the gaming hobby for me. (The first is painting! 😛

  9. Though it already looks compatible, my biggest wish for are some pirate buildings and stuff for Freebooter’s Fate games. It’s quite popular over here in Germany. Anyway: this looks great!

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  11. Water tiles and a bridge to compliment the road tiles. Different types of roads so you have dirt tracks or gravel etc. As others have set a fantasy alternative or option would be cool too.

  12. Barns, peasant hovels, fortified manor/keep, viking mead hall, wooden pallisades, hedges and walls, small chapel, earthen ramparts, walls with battlements.

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  14. I am hoping this will allow a way of getting hold of the dungeon set. Only just found out about you. It looks awesome. Would love to get that along with the new stuff.

  15. Super tall Wizard’s tower
    Mill (water, wind)
    Watchtower (wood/stone)
    +1 on the markers or at least an indication of the appropriate colours. Makes life easier.

    I’m salivating at the prospect of this KS… it’s what I’ve always wanted. Doesn’t matter I have no need for it atm :-D.

  16. Ruined buildings, Stone platforms to make elevations/canals, streets, race inspired buildings, 1/2 height walls for courtyards. Wagons/carts, market stalls, boats, rafts (3D like the pallets), a Viking ship, Merchant/Pirate ship, wharf/dock sections, water tiles, dirt roads, creeks (1 tile wide)/Rivers (water 2-3 tiles wide), ramps, stone stairs, lookout tower, city walls wide enough to put some minis on

  17. I wod love to see a steampunk conversion kit add-on for warmachine and malifaux players, with plenty clockwork designs, machinery (and what else steampunk has!?!)

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