Shootout at Zed’s

Shootout at Zed’s is the latest expansion for Core Space, our sci-fi miniatures game, and is released in September 2019. Read on to find out more.



Core Space is pretty open when it comes to gameplay. It can be a tight ‘board’ game sticking strictly to the core rules or using the grid on the floor for movement, or can be a looser dynamic skirmish game that will see you ducking down to the table to check your lines of sight and making the most of your effortless actions to dive for cover. With the advanced rules in place, anything goes – the game is fully customisable and can be played like an RPG, even using a GM if you wish!

My point is that Core Space has lots of moving parts and ways to play. Our Core Space expansions have therefore been structured to add value across the board. You can play Shootout at Zed’s as a standalone campaign, but every component in the box can also be integrated with the starter set to expand your gameplay.


This expansion zooms in on the criminal underworld of the Perseus Arm, focusing on the dastardly Zed and his gang of felons. Gangers are a brand-new NPC controlled by the game’s AI. Like Civilians, Gangers can be useful as a speed bump for the Purge, but unlike Civilians Gangers will attack you too! Let’s find out what you get in the box:

The Miniatures

Shootout at Zed’s comes with eight new miniatures; every one of them a unique character.

2019-08-21 Blog Shootout Gangers

Hobb, Milly and Razor are the lowest of low-lifes, the sadistic criminal henchmen that you must fight your way through to get to the boss.

2019-08-21 Blog Shootout Ganger Elites

Evangeline and Chunk are Zed’s lieutenants, one an elite hired assassin, the other a drug-fuelled augmented berserker. They are led by Zed himself, a harsh man reminiscent of criminal gang bosses from many films.

2019-08-21 Blog Shootout Civilians

The expansion also comes with two new Civilians, Ooma and Treva, innocent bystanders who live in a rough neighbourhood.

The Boards

Every character comes with a double-sided character board just like the Traders in the core game and crew boosters. On one side you’ll find their NPC rules, either Ganger or Civilian, and on the other they have full Trader stats.

Note that as fully functioning Traders this means that Zed’s gang can be used as a complete Trader crew if you wish, adding a seventh one to your collection! You’ll get a Ship Board for them in the box in case you want to use them this way. The individual gangers can also be hired to join your other crews.

2019-08-21 Blog Shootout Boards

You’ll also get Class Boards, also double-sided, so you can mix and match roles as you wish. You could hire more augmented crew like Chunk, or you may decide to take Ooma as a Technician.

Like all Core Space characters you will get new equipment tokens too – a total of 22 in the box. This equipment is not specific to the characters and can be mixed in with the tokens from the main game and other Core Space sets for your Traders to find or purchase.

2019-08-21 Blog Shootout Equipment

Of particular note are the Power Claw with an incredible four close assault dice – suddenly that Live One doesn’t look so tough! The Outlands Hatchet is a rare item that can also be thrown for three dice in desperate circumstances. The Teleport Grenade can be enormous fun. Anyone hit by it will be randomly teleported a few inches away. Move an opposing Trader away from an item you want to nab, or even use it on your own crew to get them out of a dangerous situation!

New Campaign

The Shootout at Zed’s campaign consists of three exciting new missions for you to play through with your Trader crew that will introduce some new challenges and objectives. All of the missions can be played co-operatively or solo, although you might squabble with the other players over the loot!

  • In Gentrify the District your crew is seconded by the local magistrates to venture into gang territory and clear out the criminals, including Zed himself. It won’t be easy though, as he’s fortified the building and the Purge entry points are between you and him!
  • In Blockade, after clearing out Zed’s gang you need to get back to your ships, but the surviving gangers won’t let you leave that easy! The criminals have picked the area clean before you arrived so there’s no loot to find either, unless you can pry it from the Gangers’ cold dead hands…
  • Finally, in Truce the area is under attack from a massive Purge invasion and your only hope is to make peace with the Gangers and get them to help with the defence. There are Civilian informants in the area who might have some dirt on Zed that will blackmailing him into helping you a bit easier.

New Terrain

This wouldn’t be a Battle Systems product without some new terrain! Zed’s Bar is the first set in the Core Space range with a floor tile and a ladder to give you a second level to your board (which you can of course do with all our other terrain sets).

Even when not playing the Shootout campaign, this is a perfect centrepiece for your board when making your own missions. It is also used in some of our Mission Monday free downloads such as the Titan Accord.

Shootout at Zed's Terrain

The mezzanine overlooks the main room of the venue, with a bar, TV, partition wall for the VIP area and snazzy entrance struts. Just add the tables and chairs from the starter set and the look is complete.

The Event Cards

So, Gangers sound great, don’t they? But what if you want to add them to your regular games, without the narrative of the campaign to drive the story? Well firstly you can use the flipside of your Hostility Tracker – you’ll see a Ganger icon in the Watch Your Back section that will bring them onto the board and cause trouble.

2019-08-21 Blog Shootout Cards.jpg

That’s not all though. The final component of the expansion is a set of Event Cards that can be shuffled into your deck when you want to use Gangers. Some cards will bring extra gangers onto the board or give them extra actions and make them more of a threat. Others like Minor Felons will see Civilians joining the gang, and the Power Struggle card will see a turf war break out right in front of you. Better get out of the way!

Shootout at Zed's Colour Shot.jpg

Shootout at Zed’s is released in September and can be ordered from our website HERE or from your local store. If your local store doesn’t stock Battle Systems yet, why not! Ask them to get in touch and we’ll sort them out with some stock including free demo sets to get some gaming going in-store.

Drop any comments or questions below. Until next time, happy gaming!


Mission Monday #08 – Rescue on Daedalus

Mission Monday has arrived again! In case you missed the last one, Mission Mondays are where we will be releasing brand new narrative missions for Core Space to download for free.

Mission Mondays will return on a regular basis. To stay up to date with the latest game content make sure you subscribe to this blog (link in the bottom right corner) and sign up to our newsletter HERE.

Rescue on Daedalus

This week’s mission is inspired by a short story written back in 2017 during the Core Space Kickstarter. The story is available for download HERE.


This mission is playable with just the Starter Set, but is designed with some of the advanced rules in mind. The mission is best played with a Game Master (GM) who can shape the narrative and reveal hidden information to the other players during the game. If you intend to play the mission in this way and you are not the one running the game, do not read the mission download – give it to your GM so they can keep things secret.

By using a GM, Core Space can be played as a light RPG. Instead of controlling a crew themselves, the GM will instead be in charge of all the game’s decisions in order to build a narrative for the other players. The GM reads out the mission briefings, oversees any trades or disputes between players and generally manages the game. Instead of using the game’s AI, the GM will also take control of all the game’s NPCs, including the Purge!

For more on using a GM, check out the Deluxe Rulebook. You won’t need it to play this mission, but we recommend it anyway!

butler FNL.jpg

Privileged, pompous and entitled, Butler demands the best. His empty swagger hides a deeply insecure man whose fortunes have teetered on the brink more times than he cares to admit.

In this mission, the Traders have been hired to board the Daedalus, a derelict space ship, and find a data-chip left on board. When they arrive they find that the chip’s owner, a diplomat named Butler, is still alive, and they take advantage of the chance to rescue him and reap the rewards!

Download the mission HERE.

Let us know how your games go in the comments below!

Mission Monday #07 – Rogue Trader

Mission Monday has arrived again! In case you missed the last one, Mission Mondays are where we will be releasing brand new narrative missions for Core Space to download for free.

Mission Mondays will return on a regular basis. To stay up to date with the latest game content makes sure you subscribe to this blog (link in the bottom right corner) and sign up to our newsletter HERE.

Rogue Trader

Core Space is popping up in retail stores around the world, and more and more people are finding out about the game. So, we wanted another mission that could be played with just the starter set to welcome all of our new Traders!

Like last time, this mission uses one of the existing maps from the Deluxe Rulebook. These pre-generated maps are very versatile and are a great way to get a game set up quickly.

In this mission, the Traders have turned bounty hunters, commissioned by the GCC to track down a rogue trader selling defective weaponry on the black market. Civilian injuries are being reported, but more importantly these defects are bad PR for the arms manufacturers…

2019-07-29 Blog Mission Monday Ganeek

Gan’eek – one of the Civilians found in the Core Space Starter Set. Could Gan’eek be the rogue weapons trader? Find out in this mission.

Download the mission HERE.

Let us know how your games go in the comments below!

Mission Monday #06 -Dead Planet

Mission Monday has arrived again! Just because we’re in the middle of a Fantasy Terrain Kickstarter, it doesn’t mean Core Space gets forgotten! In case you missed the last one, Mission Mondays are where we will be releasing brand new narrative missions for Core Space to download for free.

Mission Mondays will return on a regular basis. To stay up to date with the latest game content makes sure you subscribe to this blog (link in the bottom right corner) and sign up to our newsletter HERE.

Dead Planet

Just like last time, this mission takes one of the pre-made maps from the Deluxe Rulebook and adds a narrative to it. This mission also features the latest releases:

I liked the idea of having spawn points in the middle of the map, which inspired a story about a planet already overrun with the Purge, and from there I decided that the story’s focus would be the Purge Mother:

2019-07-01 Blog Mission Monday Mother

Gatherers comprise of the Mother and ‘her’ Spiders. The Mother is a large insect like machine that gathers both living and dead biomass. She will appear towards the tail end of a conflict but is formidable in her own right with a devastating attack. Her spiders are knee high machines with a nasty temperament that are more of a nuisance to a well-armed Trader than an outright threat. However, they will mindlessly protect the Mother from assaults and may be the difference between life and death.

In this mission, the Traders arrive after the Purge have wiped out a planet in order to salvage what’s left. They know that Purge Gatherers will be in the area assimilating everything that’s left, but that’s what they are here for – the Mother’s core can be used to create a powerful weapon. If the Traders can defeat her that is…

The pre-generated map was tweaked slightly to suit the mission – one of the airlock points was moved to make sure the Traders started out of the Mother’s line of sight, and the Reactor and Auto-doc from the Purge Outbreak expansion were added.

This mission will also make use of the Annihilator as well as the Purge Reinforcements, meaning double the number of Purge can be spawned. Be careful out there!

Download the mission HERE.

Let us know how your games go in the comments below!

Fantasy Terrain Kickstarter – Launching 27th June

That’s right, you’ve got just one week more to wait!

Our Fantasy Wargames Terrain Kickstarter launches next Thursday at 1pm BST.

This terrain is suitable for many popular 28-35mm miniatures games and RPGs, including Kings of War, Vanguard, A Song of Ice and Fire, D&D, Frostgrave, Mordheim, Warlords of Erehwon, Rangers of Shadow Deep, Age of Sigmar and more.

It is easy to assemble and there is no painting required! It can even be flat packed back into the box for easy storage between games. It is made of pre-printed super-high-density cardstock and is incredibly strong and durable.

To keep it simple we will have just one core pledge level. The Fantasy Gaming Table pledge will get you all the terrain you need for a complete gaming board for just £75. You can tightly pack the terrain into a 3′ x 3′ / 90cm x 90cm skirmish board, or spread it out over a 6′ x 4′ / 180cm x 120cm battlefield for wargaming.

Depending on your preference there will be two different themes to choose from – Village and Battlefield. Of course if you want both you can just pick up two pledges!

We will also have club pledges available with multiple sets at a discount, and retailer pledges with great benefits for the stores. Let your FLGS know about the KS to get them involved.

2019-06-19 Blog Fantasy Announcement Village 3x3.jpg

Example of the Village set on a 3×3 gaming area

2019-06-19 Blog Fantasy Announcement Battlefield 6x4.jpg

Example of the Battlefield set on a 6×4 gaming area

Battle Systems terrain is modular so you’re not limited to just what you can see in the pictures. The wall sections can be assembled in any combination using our plastic clips, so if you want to build your ruins into a different shape, or add an extra floor to a house, go ahead!

The components are all fully detailed on both sides. Skirmish gamers and RPG players will appreciate that the buildings therefore have fully detailed interiors. All roofs and upper floors are designed to lift straight off so you can access the insides for gaming. When you’re done with your bar fight you can head back outside and the roof will sit neatly back onto the building.

For those of you familiar with our previous terrain, there are a few innovations with this new range that make a big difference.

Primarily, the curves that we’ve incorporated into the roofs of the houses and the rough edges on the ruins give the terrain a much more natural look. We’ve also done a lot of work on the textures to create a 3D look on the wooden detailing, brickwork and roof tiles. These additions instantly make the table more immersive and most people would never believe that it’s made of cardboard!

2019-06-19 Blog Fantasy Announcement Village 6x4.jpg

Example of the Village set on a 6×4 gaming area

2019-06-19 Blog Fantasy Announcement Battlefield 3x3.jpg

Example of the Battlefield set on a 3×3 gaming area

Like all our Kickstarters your pledge will be filled out with upgrades and freebies unlocked by stretch goals throughout the campaign – the images above are just the starting points! We’ve got loads of exciting stuff planned including Ruined Houses, a Wizard’s Tower, and maybe even a whole new pledge theme!

Of course we need your help to get there so hopefully we’ll see you all on the KS next week – your support will be very much appreciated!

To make sure you don’t miss out, sign up to our newsletter HERE and we’ll send you an email when the campaign goes live.

Until then, happy gaming!

Mission Monday #05 – Privacy Concerns

Mission Monday has arrived again! In case you missed the last one, Mission Mondays are where we will be releasing brand new narrative missions for Core Space to download for free.

Mission Mondays will return on a regular basis. To stay up to date with the latest game content makes sure you subscribe to this blog (link in the bottom right corner) and sign up to our newsletter HERE.

Privacy Concerns

This time we’re going to highlight one of the key features of the Deluxe Rulebook – the guidelines for designing your own missions!

As well as taking you step-by-step through designing your own scenarios for the game, the book also includes some pre-generated maps that can be used as a starting point. For this mission we’ve taken example map no. 5 from page 65 and assigned a narrative to it.


Privacy Concerns Map.png

The large room in the bottom half of the map is crying out to be a focal point of the mission so we decided that getting there would be part of the objective. There are also some Civilians in that big office at the start of the game that could be related to our traders’ goal. The map doesn’t feel like a ship to me, but does make sense as an office complex. With these ideas as a starting point we need to fit a narrative around them, and where better to find a story than the real world! We took a topical theme and ran with it.

So, in this mission the Traders must infiltrate an office building belonging to one of the biggest tech corporations in the sector. There are rumours that the CEO has been dabbling in new AI technology, but not all is above board… The GCC believe that the massive amount of data required to run this new system is being harvested from unwitting civilians; reviewing their personal calls, private messages and social media without their consent. The GCC do not have the political clout to investigate without proof, but Trader crews have no such concerns!


Florence is the Trader term for Universal Assets (UA), Galactic Credits or indeed any form of currency. It is a slang word  derived from the term cashflow, leading to the well-known Trader phrase, “to go with the ‘Flo”, in other words to always follow the money. Many Trader captains carry old coins in a superstitious belief that it will help them navigate the dangers of Core Space.

With the story in place, the rest was easy. The rules for the CEO were added using standard rules from the book – Interacting with terrain and Moving Objects – and the tech prototypes and lack of weaponry were added for a bit of flavour. Seeing as weapons make up the majority of the token pool, removing them from the equation will make this mission far more interesting – there’s a chance to pick up some kit that would be otherwise hard to find, but you need to be tooled up with weapons in advance if you want to survive!

The final step was balance and fairness, hence the Secure Facility rule. This was added to give the Traders a chance to get to the CEO before the Purge did – it wouldn’t be much fun otherwise!

This mission uses two sets of terrain, so you will need an additional Cyberpunk Core Set. You’ll also need an additional crew (any will do) to use as Civilians. Don’t forget that with 4-6 crews in play you should add two pegs to the Hostility Tracker each round, and we recommend that you use the Purge Reinforcements pack too.

Download the mission HERE.

Let us know how your games go in the comments below!

UK Games Expo 2019

We spent last weekend at UK Games Expo 2019 where much fun was had by all! If you haven’t been before make sure you check it out next year – there’s a great mix of board gaming and wargaming with loads of interesting stands and exciting products.

The show was really successful for us – it’s great to get a chance to talk to our customers face to face and we had lots of excellent conversations. We also had exclusive show deals, the Core Space range available to buy, demos running all weekend, and of course our new Fantasy range on display!

2019-06-05 Blog UKGE Main Image.jpg

As a result of some of our conversations you should soon see our products popping up in more retailers. We also had some great chats with suppliers who will allow us to develop some exciting new products in the future.

New Releases

Our cabinet was also full of our latest releases. Don’t forget that the Purge Outbreak expansion for Core Space is released this month along with the Purge Reinforcements pack. We had them available at the show and they were very popular.

2019-03-27 Blog NPCs Anni and Harveys

Purge Annihilator from the Outbreak expansion and Harvesters from the Reinforcements pack

As for our terrain, if you haven’t yet seen our Gothic Ruins or Engineering Sector they are available to pre-order now along with the rest of our relaunched Sci-fi Range!

Gothic Ruins Main.jpg

Gothic Ruins

Engineering Sector.jpg

Engineering Sector

Fantasy Wargames Terrain

Our new range was on display and went down a storm, with everyone really excited for the KS. We filled out a 6×4 table with everything we had finished for the show and it looked incredible – we’re really proud of this new range. The added curves to the roofs and rough edges to the ruins give it a more natural look than our other ranges which really suits the fantasy setting. Colin’s outdone himself with the textures too – everyone kept stroking the roofs of the houses to see if the tiles were 3D!

A single pledge on the upcoming KS will get you enough terrain for a full gaming table, whether you keep it densely packed for a 3×3 skirmish table or spread it out for a more open 6×4 wargames table. As a rough guideline a pledge will give you about two thirds of what we had on display, but we’ll be back next week with more details on exactly what you get.

Enough of my rambling, here are some photos:

Big thanks to Mantic Games for letting us borrow their excellent minis for the display.

Core Space Demos

When you’re getting into a new game it’s always useful to have someone show you the ropes. Our demo tables were packed all weekend, with some people seeing the game for the first time, and others who’d picked it up elsewhere stopping by for a tutorial. It wasn’t just our stand that was busy with Core Space either – some of our retail partners brought the game with them too, and promptly sold out.

I want to say thanks to our demo team Drew and Rob for tirelessly showing off what Core Space is all about – tense, narrative missions with simple mechanics.

We took some remaining Kickstarter editions with us and they proved so popular that we completely sold out! We do have a small number left in the warehouse however. If you’ve been meaning to pick up the game and fancy a load of bonus stuff the KS edition is available for £130 plus shipping, with a retail value of over £200. If you want one email and we will sort you out on a first come, first served basis while stocks last.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by – it was great to meet you. We’re looking forward to doing it all again at our next show, Essen Spiel 2019.

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about our Fantasy Terrain, sign up to our newsletter HERE.

Until next time, happy gaming!