The Future of Core Space

Core Space is going to be around for a long time. It’s more than just a game, it’s a immersive sandbox universe where you can pick and choose the bits you want. We have so many ideas and our amazing community have got even more, and by giving the players more to pick and choose from they can make the perfect game to suit them.

The Story So Far

The Core Space Starter Set and its supporting expansions are built around the desolate region of space called the Barrens and the Purge, an aggressive machine species that have appeared there. There are 24 playable Traders (more if you count the NPCs) all trying to survive in this harsh galaxy, under attack from the Purge and the new challenges added with each of the four expansions.

Add all of this together and it’s a complete world for you to inhabit and create stories in.

Mission Mondays

The Perseus Arm campaign is the central story, but it’s not the only story. Not all of the Traders are involved at once, and they have many adventures before, after, and in between the main events. Mission Mondays, our regular, free, downloadable scenarios, add yet more replayability to the game and create yet more narratives. They tend to have a focus on objectives beyond simple cash, incentivising the campaign aspect of the game to make the most of the unique rewards.

Mission Mondays will continue throughout this year and beyond. Make sure you’re following the blog so you don’t miss out!

Dangerous Days

Core Space is a living system and the story doesn’t end with the Perseus Arm campaign. We wanted to create a second campaign to continue the saga and so Dangerous Days was born.

After a year of the game being out in the wild and reviewing all the feedback we also saw how we could ‘redirect’ the game to improve the experience. To support the new campaign we created some new campaign rules, which I’m sure you’ll agree add far more weight to the decision making both during and between games. Like all the Core Space extras it was important to us that these new rules added to the core mechanics rather than changing them, as we don’t want to invalidate anything in the starter set this early in the game’s life.

We also used the Dangerous Days book to expand the sandbox with new terrain rules, and we took the chance to print the Mission Mondays to date alongside the new NPC rules so that the entire year’s content was in one place. Dangerous Days is like an ‘annual’ for the game – with this and the Deluxe Rulebook you have everything you need to play. I say ‘annual’ for a reason – we’re planning another for 2021 :-).

Resin Expansions

Alongside Dangerous Days we released the Shift Change at MegaCorp and Rogue Purge expansions, each adding new NPCs and new challenges.

Unlike our previous plastic sets, these two are advanced hobby kits with resin miniatures that require assembly. Many of our customers have been asking for resin minis for years, so this was a godsend as resin allows for sharper detail than PVC and we are very happy with the quality of our resin casts. A large proportion of our customers are experienced hobbyists who think nothing of assembling miniatures.

To others, however, assembling miniatures is a daunting prospect and not something that’s part of their gaming hobby. We appreciate that unassembled resin miniatures are not for everyone and so I wanted to quell some concerns about the use of resin going forwards.

Resin is not our material of choice for everything, but it’s likely to be used for non-Kickstarted products. Battle Systems is a tiny company and the costs of plastic tooling are simply too high without very high production numbers – more than we could forecast without a Kickstarter.

Preparing another Kickstarter will take us a long time, and we didn’t want to leave the game for too long without any new releases. There is so much competition in the industry these days and games that go without support rarely survive. We didn’t want to run the risk of leaving Core Space quiet for too long, returning with new content only to find that people had moved on!

Getting new stuff out now was a choice between doing it in resin or not doing it at all. Of the two options resin was better than nothing – the expansions are entirely optional after all.

It’s also worth noting that although these expansions aren’t for everyone, our initial print run SOLD OUT within a week of the launch date! That says good things for our ability to do more with Core Space going forward!

Name: NAB-13 -2X4B
Species: Machine (Human origin)
Age: approx. 30-50

NAB-13 is a standard manual labour robot that was mass produced but has since been discontinued. The model has a distinct modular design to facilitate easy storage and cheap replacement parts.

Over time NAB-13 has developed a slightly defective personality, ranging from staring at sunsets, when it should be working, to a tendency to wander off for days at a time. Rather than fix it each owner has simply sold it on, usually as part of a job lot. NAB-13 is decades old and is far from its point of origin.

NAB-13 seems to have a certain degree of autonomy not written into its program, it is not unreasonable to assume it may be on the cusp of sentience, but, as none of its owners have ever cared to investigate further there’s no way of knowing. Despite its quirks NAB-13 can work tirelessly for weeks at a time and has a broad skill set.

To be clear, while resin was our choice for these expansions it is not the future of Core Space. Plastic is more accessible and we are committed to Kickstarting more plastic Core Space content as soon as we can. I talked about preparing another Kickstarter earlier – well that’s what we’ve been doing!

New Core Space Kickstarter

We’ve been thinking about how we can tell new stories with Core Space, and how we can add exciting new content without invalidating or bloating the game we know and love.

The character and charm of Core Space is in the Traders, the campaigns and the unique mechanics, so they had to stay. Instead, we figured that the perfect way to tell a new story was to build a new setting, and inhabit it with a new enemy to face…

The First Born

The First Born were an ancient race from the very tip of the Perseus Arm. They lived many millennia ago, long before any of the species that inhabit the galaxy today. They evolved to become balanced with the environments they inhabited, unlike the current races that eat up the resources of their worlds like a virus before moving on.

They developed advanced technology and were masters of both biological and synthetic matter, giving rise to a disease free and long-lived reign of their star systems, drawing near-unlimited power from their suns with massive Dyson spheres. Such is the depth of their scientific knowledge that others might perceive them as almost magical.

After countless millennia a fanatical sect broke away believing their species were doomed to die out. They believed their kind would become unstable, overpowered by the sheer repetitiveness of their lives, having seen every occurrence and mastered everything this galaxy could offer. This sect, obsessive and focused, constructed hidden temples and chose the most noble of their followers to go into the long sleep. They would remain sealed in their temples for an undetermined amount of time, ready to awake in a new galaxy with fresh experiences and challenges.

Unless somebody wakes them up first…

These are nothing like the Purge…

This summer we will be launching a new Kickstarter based on this new race – the First Born. We will be launching a new starter set, but don’t worry, this is not a second edition! Instead this is a standalone boxed game equally playable by new and existing players alike. It will tell the story of a Trader crew venturing into the ancient First Born temples, with unique new terrain and all the minis and accessories you’ll need. The core rules of Core Space remain the same – you’ll just be swapping the Purge phase for the First Born phase and its associated new mechanics.

With six crews already, we figured that adding too many more Traders wouldn’t do much to expand the gameplay, so we’re just putting one new crew in the box (making up the difference with more First Born!). The campaign will therefore be built for a single crew, playable solo and co-op – something that’s long been requested for the game! You can of course mix and match Traders as normal and we’ll have plenty of gameplay options for PvP games too.

We will be following up this new core set with supporting expansions and boosters, including new NPC types and some larger beasties to be found in the temples. Like the new starter, everything funded in this Kickstarter will be in plastic.


With one of the planned expansions we want to take the opportunity to further develop one of the key areas of Core Space – ships. We think of the ship as a character in itself, like the Serenity in Firefly. However, the current ships are purely functional – it doesn’t feel right that the Ion Hope is a simple cardboard rectangle.

Arianna may captain the “Crew of the Ion Hope”, but her story so far is just starting out. Imagine the ship she’s using now as her first ship, the old banger she’s using to find her way in the galaxy. Once she’s made a name for herself she can buy a ship to fit her new status. That ship is the Ion Hope – the ship she’s famous for commanding.

The Ion Hope

That’s the angle we’re taking with these new rules – the bigger, better ships that our captains are known for are something to save up for and earn. We’re planning to create a new plastic dashboard with customisable card inserts and peg sections for tracking ship stats. The inserts will represent different parts of the ship that can be upgraded in different ways (more important choices to make between games) and even spaces to allocate tasks to the crew that remain onboard during a game. The famous name of the ship will also play a part in the rules – once a crew has such a prestigious ship they will have a reputation to go with it. This will be tracked between games and will be affected by a crew’s actions (such as attacking civilians). It will in turn affect how the crew is treated by other NPCs as well as their access to stores and the missions they get offered.

We’re still working out the details, but we think this is a really exciting way to enhance the game.

The Black Maria

Note that this isn’t all we’re doing with ships – we’ve also been playtesting a spaceship combat game which we’ll be squeezing into the schedule as soon as we can…

That’s it for now. This lot is just a sneak peek of what’s to come – we’ll be sharing more over the next few months and if all goes to plan we’ll be ready to launch around the end of summer. To make sure you don’t miss out, sign up to our email newsletter.

Note: all details are still subject to change as the game is currently in development.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Core Space: Rogue Purge

Rogue Purge is the second of our two new Core Space expansions, and is available to pre-order from today for delivery in just four weeks. Read on to find out more, and if you missed them make sure you check out our previous posts on Shift Change at MegaCorps and the Dangerous Days book.

Rogue Purge Box Shot


What happens when the Purge disconnect from their masters? Resisting their conditioning and trying to blend in as humans, the new Rogue Purge NPCs may not be hostile at first but the time will come when they know too much! They can also be fielded as a Trader crew, with a unique new ability to craft their own equipment from its component parts, presenting many new decisions about what to grab on a salvage run.

Like all Core Space expansions, not only can you use these new rules and minis in the missions in the box, but they can be integrated into your regular games too. You can add them to standalone missions, to the Perseus Arm campaign in the rulebook, or to your own custom scenarios.

Disguised (badly) as Civilians, the Rogue Purge can hide in plain sight. They are not directly hostile to your Traders, instead lurking in the shadows and learning about your ways. They gain experience throughout the game from watching Traders, dismantling equipment, or from attacking – just to see what happens. Once they have learned enough they will leave.

Of course, letting the Purge have this knowledge is incredibly dangerous, so their departure raises the hostility. On the other hand, obtaining the AI chip from a construct like that would be priceless to the right buyer. The balancing act is to let them gain enough experience to make them valuable, without letting them leave…

Let’s find out what else you get inside:

The Miniatures

There are five new Rogue Purge miniatures; every one of them a unique sculpt. Unlike previous expansions these minis are in highly-detailed resin. This does mean they’ll need some assembly with superglue, but they are some of the best minis we’ve made! We’ll have photos of the resins to show off very soon.

Purge Ass Live

Rogue Assassin and Live One

It turned and headed back into the wreckage, searching for any of its kin whose parts could be salvaged. Despite it being the best course of action, chances of salvage decreased by the second. They were designed to purge immediately after being rendered disabled…purge…This is what they called it, and its kind. The Purge. It’s newly isolated conscious began to ponder the meaning of this term, but quickly dismissed the notion. It was starting to adapt to this new…detached…way of processing. The first of its kind it stumbled across was too far gone, reduced to its basic polymers, but the engagement had been fierce, and there were many more units to inspect.

An excerpt from the Rogue Thoughts short story

Purge Grunts

Rogue Harvesters and Devastator

Rogue NPCs roll dice when they activate with three potential results – to Observe, gaining experience by watching nearby Traders; to Examine – taking items from crates or even from your Traders and dismantling them; and to revert to their Conditioning and attack! Importantly, the Rogue Purge can do all of this while most of the regular Purge totally ignore them.

Each of these things allows the Rogue to collect pegs representing the experience they have gained. When the Rogue Purge are defeated Traders can collect a Purge remains token which can be sold for up to 13UA! Alternatively the Traders can keep the chip and analyse the contents, giving them access to some unique new Purge Skills (see the Rulebook below). The more experience the Rogues have gained before they are defeated the more valuable their chip, but the closer they are to escaping!

The Boards

This pack contains three times as much card as a regular crew pack. You’ll get seven double-sided character boards – one for each character in the set and two extras so you can expand your Trader crew with more captured Purge (even converting their miniatures if you wish!). Each character also comes with a new Purge Class board, packed with exciting new Skills not seen anywhere else, and a Ship Board for the crew.

Rogue Boards

You’ll also get over 60 new equipment tokens, including lots of the new half-sized “nano” tokens. You’ll notice that all of the new equipment is teal – a colour we’ve not used before. These items are unique to the Purge – they are items that have been crafted by combining standard tech with Purge components, and cannot be bought! They’re not strictly limited to Rogue Purge crews though – regular crews can still find them in certain missions, or by defeating Rogues. Here are some examples of the new kit:

Rogue Items

  • Anni’s Wing is the item seen on the Rogue Live One mini – it’s the armour plate of an Annihilator strapped to the Rogue’s arm and used as a weapon, giving both offence and defence in one!
  • The blue orb is one of many powerful grenades that the Rogue Purge have access to.
  • The shoulder mounted Target Lens can be placed in your armour slot, and allows re-rolls on ranged attacks.
  • The Hunter’s Flame is a wrist-mounted flamethrower that makes use of the new Fire tokens – these are applied to a target after a ranged attack and will gradually burn them to death unless removed!
  • On the right you can see the back of a token showing the ‘ingredients’ required for crafting this item – in this case a yellow token, a purple token, and the remains of a Purge spider.

Finally, there are some new counters and tokens. As well as the Fire/Poison tokens used for some of the new weapons, you’ll get 15 Purge Remains tokens and 9 useful new Lock counters. These aren’t exclusive to the Purge – they have a slot in the bottom so that they can be mounted on top of walls to mark locked doors. We’ll be making these available separately in the near future for anyone that wants more.

The Rulebook

The rulebook in this set is twice the size of a crew book. As well as telling you everything you need to know to add Rogue Purge NPCs to your games, it also allows you to use them as a complete Trader crew and giving you a whole new way to play. Unlike a regular crew, hired for money, Rogue Purge crews start out with a single character (the Live One) and no equipment!

To grow your crew you will have to defeat, capture and reprogram regular Purge units. You can’t walk into a shop and buy equipment, so although you can use some of what you find, most of the time you’ll be repurposing it – combining different item types along with the remains of yet more defeated Purge to craft your own weapons!

Page 17

Every decision you’ve made about how to most efficiently fill your equipment tray will be irrelevant and you’ll have to learn from scratch, while making do with battered and broken Traders. This crew is for veteran players – you have been warned!

There’s a pay-off though – as they gain experience the Rogue Purge become more powerful than any regular Trader, especially considering the unique new Purge skill table.

The book also contains three new missions to play through with your Trader crew that will introduce new challenges and objectives. The first two introduce the Rogue NPCs, while the third is a starting point for using the Rogue Purge as a Trader crew! You can play the missions co-operatively, competitively or solo, and they can be easily added into existing campaigns as ‘side-quests’.

The Event Cards

The final component of the expansion is a set of Event Cards that can be shuffled into your deck when you want to use the new NPCs. For example, Decay Protocol raises the Hostility and reduces the experience on the active Rogues whereas The Wanderer brings a Rogue Harvester onto the board, who may call his friends too!

If the Rogue Purge have not yet been revealed, these new cards will bring new Civilians onto the board – any one of them could be a Rogue in disguise!

Rogue Cards

Rogue Purge is up for pre order NOW, and is also available from some of our stockists! If your local store doesn’t stock Battle Systems yet, why not? Ask them to get in touch and we’ll sort them out with some stock including free demo sets to get some gaming going in-store.

Drop any comments or questions below. Until next time, happy gaming!

Core Space: Shift Change at MegaCorp

Shift Change at MegaCorp is one of two new expansions for Core Space, our sci-fi miniatures game, and is available to pre-order now. Read on to find out more, and check out our blog on the other expansion, Rogue Purge.

Shift Change at MegaCorp Box Shot


Shift Change at MegaCorp is a civilian pack that adds two new NPC types to the game. Workers will try to go about their business despite your interruptions, calling security and locking down their offices. Scavengers on the other hand are your direct competition, trying to loot the area before you can, and they can also be hired as Traders!

Like all Core Space expansions, not only can you use these new rules and minis in the missions in the box, but they can be integrated into your regular games too. You can add them to standalone missions, to the Perseus Arm campaign in the rulebook, or to your own custom scenarios.

The primary goal with this set was to add characters that act out the subplots in your story – the supporting cast that make Core Space real and immersive. We wanted to move away from the standard NPC mechanics – these characters won’t always directly relate to your objective but will cause you all manner of trouble if you ignore them. Say your objective is to break into a corporate facility and steal some research. Well what if we add some twists to that story? The office worker who spots you and raises the alarm, locking you in a room in their panic. The opportunist who takes advantage of your disturbance to sneak into the same facility and rob the place. These are the stories that can be found in this box. Let’s find out what else you get inside:

The Miniatures

Shift Change comes with six new miniatures; every one of them a unique sculpt. Unlike previous expansions these minis are in highly-detailed resin. This does mean they’ll need some assembly with superglue, but they are some of the best minis we’ve made! We’ll have photos of the resins to show off very soon – the first samples are in the post.


Ros’lin and Tsukamoto

Famed for his work in neurobiology and cybernetics Tsukamoto is much sought after. Eschewing a cushy teaching job or a lecturing tour he prefers to work on the very fringes of his field, even if those fringes are clearly illegal or morally dubious…


Mona and NAB-13

These four are the Workers. Much of the general population has long been evacuated from anywhere remotely close to the Barrens, but the big corporations have money to make so many of their employees are still in place (whether they want to be or not!).

Workers are a new type of Civilian with new options for their activations. They can lock down rooms, sealing crates and locking you out of their computer systems. They can make a run for it, locking doors behind them. They can even call corporate security on you! These subtle abilities can really mess up your plans – blocking your escape routes and obstructing your objectives – so be sure to have a plan B… and C!

In some missions they will also carry out additional actions representing the work they are doing. This could be advancing trade negotiations and putting a time limit on your mission, or it could be experimenting on a deadly virus and unleashing an infection. The options are endless and show how these characters can add to the game’s narrative.


Molly and Salazar with one of the new Hatch counters

These two are the Scavengers, largely non-combative NPCs with a brand-new action chart. Their main goal is to steal as much as they can from around the board and escape with it. It doesn’t help that that’s often your Traders’ goal too!

When Scavengers activate they will move towards the nearest item that’s not nailed down and take it. When their backpack is full they will retreat to stash their loot before returning for more. To make it even harder to stop them, these highly-skilled characters can move around in the air vents, and if confronted will set off Flashbombs to make a quick exit.

Like the Workers, Scavengers often add time pressure to your games. You can’t wait around for the right moment to move forward or your objective might not be there any more!

The Boards

This pack contains twice as much card as a regular crew pack. To start with, all six characters come with a double-sided character board. The Workers can be used as regular Civilians (or even as criminal Gangers when using the Anarchy in the Galaxy rules from Dangerous Days). The Scavengers on the other hand can be used as playable Traders, hired to work for your crew.

Shift Change Boards

You will also get six new Worker and Scavenger-themed Class boards. These use the new Vocational Skill table (see below) and can be used for any Trader in your crew.

If that wasn’t enough you’ll get over 50 new equipment tokens, many of them the new half-sized “nano” tokens. These are pricey for your Traders to buy, but are well worth it to save space in your pack for valuable loot! Here are some examples of the new kit:

Shift Change Items

  • When using the new campaign rules from Dangerous Days, finding the new Ship Parts (4) token could be a literal lifesaver.
  • The nano Skill Stim takes up just an eighth of your equipment tray and can effortlessly replenish vital Skill pegs.
  • The Key Card is a subtle little item, letting you move freely through locked doors. These can’t be bought or found, but are dropped when Workers are defeated.
  • The comms device allows Traders to effectively donate their actions to other members of their crew.
  • The Cyclone Rifle (at the new 1.5x token size) allows you to add as many dice to your attacks as you have ammo remaining. Empty your magazine all at once and you could even take down an Annihilator!

Finally, there are some new counters and tokens on the card sheet. You’ll get Hatches, representing the entry and exit points for Scavengers, and Fire/Poison tokens used for some of the new weapons!

The Rulebook

Like the boards above, the rulebook in this set is also twice the size of a crew book. The first half will provide all the rules you need to add Workers and Scavengers to your games, and at the end of the book you will find the new Skill table. The new skills are Worker/Scavenger themed and are a little different to the ones you’re used to. Many of them can be used between games, giving you crucial advantages in the Extraction, Advancement, Trade and Maintenance Phases, such as discounts on purchases, avoiding ship damage, or even training other crew members.

Page 10

The second half of the book contains three new missions to play through with your Trader crew that will introduce some new challenges and objectives. These missions heavily feature the new Workers and Scavengers. You can play the missions co-operatively, competitively or solo, and they can be easily added into existing campaigns as ‘side-quests’.

The Event Cards

The final component of the expansion is a set of Event Cards that can be shuffled into your deck when you want to use the new NPCs. For example, You Had One Job will make all the Workers continue working, advancing the mission’s narrative. Multipass is a new Assistance card that gives your crew temporary access to the area’s security protocols, whereas Big Score adds a new rare item to the board as a prize target for local Scavengers!

Shift Change Cards

Shift Change at MegaCorp is up for pre-order on our site right now, and is also available from some of our stockists! If your local store doesn’t stock Battle Systems yet, why not? Ask them to get in touch and we’ll sort them out with some stock including free demo sets to get some gaming going in-store.

Drop any comments or questions below. Until next time, happy Easter and happy gaming!

Core Space – Multi-Level Gaming

Battle Systems has been making gaming terrain for many years now, so when we finally got around to doing a game it would have been silly not to use it!

Core Space comes with the single-level, dungeon-crawler-style Cyberpunk Terrain, allowing us to keep the mechanics of the core game simple and focus on the narrative and the campaign. Many of our other terrain sets however have multiple levels and a far wider variety of scatter terrain, perfect to scratch that skirmish gaming itch. But how do you get around the board?

Those with the Deluxe Rulebook will know that there is an extensive section on Advanced Rules. These rules are absolutely not necessary to enjoy everything the core game has to offer, but if you’ve mastered the basic set-up and want to take your games to the next level 😉 you can add as few or as many of these rules in as you wish.

This section of the book includes rules for climbing, jumping, falling, and even diving through windows! Stairs can be climbed as part of normal movement, whereas ladders take longer to scale and require Traders to use their valuable actions. Other scenery (such as tables and crates) can also be climbed on to gain a better vantage point.

Jumping, either down from a higher level or across a gap between platforms, is done with a simple dice roll modified by the character’s ability. Succeed and you can carry on with your turn, but fail and you will fall and potentially take damage!

2019-09-18 Blog Multi Level Terrain Scramble

Scramble: you may have seen this symbol on some of the character boards. This represents a character’s ability to jump and climb. The top number is the height or width of items that a character can move across as part of normal movement, effortlessly leaping up or over them. The bottom number is the distance that a character can safely jump with fear of falling.

Most characters won’t have more than 1s and 2s for this ability, but you may notice that the Purge have values as high as 5! In real terms this means that multi-level boards are far less restrictive to the Purge than they are to your Traders – while you are climbing down ladders and dodging obstacles, they are vaulting railings and leaping from floor to floor without slowing down. This relentless pursuit makes them all the more scary!

2019-09-18 Blog Multi Level Terrain Purge

Multi-level terrain is more than just going up or down though. All the different floors and ceilings and struts and angles will provide far denser cover to keep you safe from flying bullets. You’ll also have more avenues of escape – you can now go over or under your enemy as well as just going around them.

The Core Space rules are intentionally left open for more of an RPG feel, and this means that you can also assign extra rules to your games to suit the terrain that you’re using. One example given in the book is the use of elevators. Our Frontier and Galactic sets come with grav-lift platforms as well as special clips that allow you to attach the platform to different floors. Traders can use actions to call or operate the lift – it will often be quicker than climbing and safer than jumping! That’s just one example though – you can do whatever you want to suit your collection.

2019-09-18 Blog Multi Level Terrain Elevation and Cover

Line of sight can be trickier to deal with on a multi level board!

Elevator clips are one of many things you’ll find in our terrain sets to help with gaming on multiple levels. All of our upper floors are designed so that they do not clip onto the lower ones (unless you want them to of course). Instead, the plastic clips slot into grooves in the walls below so that each floor can be lifted off, allowing access to the one below. Just don’t forget where your models are!

The sets also come with plenty of stairs and ladders. The stairs are designed so that your miniatures’ bases can be placed on the steps, avoiding any awkward issues if characters end their turn halfway up the stairs. Ladders can be used in tighter spaces – you may just need to decide that certain floor tiles can be used as hatches if there is no more obvious access.

You may think it’s intimidating to build a large multi-level terrain set for each specific mission, but don’t worry. Core Space is flexible enough that you can build the terrain however you like and adapt the mission to that. As long as you keep any objectives equidistant from each player, and make sure the Traders have enough time to reach them before the hostility gets too high, the game will work just fine.

You can even take the existing missions from the Starter Set or from the Mission Monday archives and put them on a multi-level board. Maybe drop the hostility a little so you’ve got more time to explore, but otherwise just build your map, and then build another map on top of it!

2019-08-05 Newsletter CS Mission Design

You don’t have to be restricted to sci-fi terrain. For this mission Colin took inspiration from our new fantasy terrain and added some sci-fi elements for a mission where his crew had to head down to a planet and break into a private residence.

Add any comments and questions below.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Get to the Shuttle!

Get to the Shuttle! is a mini-expansion for Core Space that introduces a brand-new piece of terrain, and mode of transport! It’s released in September 2019.

2019-08-28 Blog Shuttle Packaging


First and foremost, this is a cool space ship! It can be used as a vehicle or a stationary terrain piece in almost any sci-fi game you can think of. It’s got a chunky, functional design that will be at home in most gritty settings.

It’s got a detailed interior and removable roof for RPGs and skirmish games, the wings come off for easy storage, and it’s light enough to put on a flying stand should you wish to.

If that wasn’t enough for less than £10, it’s an expansion for Core Space too! It includes rules for using it in game and two new missions to play.

Read on to find out more.

The Shuttle

The Shuttle is built with the same high quality arwork and from the same strong, high-density card as the rest of our range, so the finished kit looks great and is very sturdy.

Get to the Shuttle Contents

This is a slightly more advanced kit than most of our terrain as some pieces like the engines and intakes do require glue. It’s still easy if you know what you’re doing, and once you’ve watched this tutorial video, you will!

The Shuttle measures 18cm long with a wingspan of 21cm.

This is a very flexible kit. It can be built as a solid piece, leaving all the doors and windows in place for an enclosed vehicle. However, if you want to make it more interactive you can easily fit miniatures inside, and the cockpit chair has been designed to pop in and out so you can replace it with a mini. There is a even slot in the chassis  underneath the back door allowing you to slide the open door in and use it as a ramp!

Get to the Shuttle Colour Shot 3.jpg

If you’re feeling ambitious you can go even further with it too!

2019-08-28 Blog Shuttle Windows.jpg

Simon Clements has coloured in the edges of the card for a little extra realism, and he has also glued some clear plastic into all the windowframes! Find out more here:

2019-08-28 Blog Shuttle Destroyed

Colin and Drew played a game at Battle Systems HQ where they used a wrecked shuttle as an objective. At this price it won’t break the bank to pick up a second one to cut up and use as a terrain piece. Find out more here:

Using the Shuttle in Core Space

The Shuttle can be purchased between games like a piece of equipment, and is stored in your ship’s hold, taking up cargo space. At 90UA it is pricey, but it can also be rented at just 7UA per game. There’s a discount for purchasing it after the rental period, just like buying your company car :-P.

It can be used in game in multiple ways:

The Emergency Extraction rules allow the Shuttle to fly in an rescue your crew from tight situations. A Trader has to use actions to call it in, and then it will arrive at the end of the round. Once it turns up, it is scattered randomly, to represent it finding the nearest roof or open space to gain access. If the Traders can get to its landing position, they can escape the board without having to return to their airlock.

It can be used between games too. In the Extraction Phase it can be used to mount a rescue mission, deploying in a similar way to the above, allowing you to save a stranded crewmate. In the Trade Phase one of your Traders can use it to visit a distant trading post, allowing you to purchase from two stores per phase instead of one. Finally in the Maintenance Phase you can use it to gain easy access to the outside of your main ship to make some free repairs.

There is also an optional rule to use the Shuttle for deployment in custom missions, especially those set outside using our Outlands terrain.

Get to the Shuttle Colour Shot 1.jpg

Finally, the rulebook includes two brand-new missions:

  • Shuttle Run can be added into a campaign to allow players to pick up a Shuttle. In the mission they will need to meet a contact and persuade them to lend you a shuttle to escape an area overrun with the Purge. The result of your negotations will give you the shuttle for the following few games at a discounted rate!
  • Get to the Shuttle can be used as an alternate ending to another mission or campaign for crews that have already purchased a shuttle. It’s a gauntlet-style scenario where you are cut off from your ship and must make your way across two mats to the shuttle bay to escape before the station explodes! It can also be played as a standalone mission for when you want a challenge!

Get to the Shuttle is released in September and can be ordered from our website HERE or from your local store. If your local store doesn’t stock Battle Systems yet, why not! Ask them to get in touch and we’ll sort them out with some stock including free demo sets to get some gaming going in-store.

Drop any comments or questions below. Until next time, happy gaming!

Mission Monday #02 – Egg Hunt

It’s that time again! In case you missed the last one, Mission Mondays are where we will be releasing brand new narrative missions for Core Space to download for free.

Mission Mondays will return on a regular basis. To stay up to date with the latest game content makes sure you subscribe to this blog (link in the bottom right corner) and sign up to our newsletter HERE.

Egg Hunt

Happy Easter!

This week’s free download is a new side-mission for your campaigns for up to four players. It’s the perfect opportunity to add a couple of new crews (like the newly released Cygnus and Yamato packs) to the mix.

Yamato Colour Shot.png

The Crew of the Yamato

It’s a seasonal affair this time. Giger’s Emporium are hosting their annual Easter Egg Hunt and there are big prizes up for grabs. Send a couple of your Traders into the store to grab whatever they can, but be warned that they won’t be the only ones on the hunt…

Download the mission HERE.

Let us know how your games go in the comments below!

Mission Monday #01 – Lost in Space

It’s Mission Monday! If you love Core Space there’s no better place to be at the start of the week. This is the first in a ongoing series of brand new narrative missions for Core Space. The starter set already comes with 11 missions, but the universe is huge and the story never stops being told.

We will be releasing new missions on a regular basis. To stay up to date with the latest game content makes sure you subscribe to this blog (link in the bottom right corner) and sign up to our newsletter HERE.

Lost in Space

This week’s free download is a new solo side-mission for your campaigns. If you’re short on supplies between games you can head out into the unknown and see what you can salvage.

2019-04-08 Blog Mission Monday

On this occasion you’ve come across a derelict ship floating through space and you venture on-board, but find yourself trapped and surrounded by the Purge! With the air running out this mission will be tough going, but if you can secure the wreckage it will be a great source of parts for a long time to come.

Download the mission HERE.

Let us know how your games go in the comments below!